First steps

1. Signing in to your Dashboard

To sign in, go to on your favorite browser, on your desktop or mobile device.

Note: We made it so you can update your information whether you're at home on a desktop, or away on your cell phone. Sign in anytime from anywhere and change anything on your Coppr Link, and your Coppr Card will automatically update in seconds.

Pro Tip: Having the Dashboard open on a desktop device, and your Coppr Link opened on your cell phone is the fastest way to edit your profile. Only have one device available? No problem. Simply open your Dashboard on one tab in your browser, and your Coppr Link on another.

2. Enter your email

When logging in for the first time, use the same email address you used during checkout. An easy way to remember which email you used during checkout is to search your email inbox for the Order Confirmation email you received after purchasing your Coppr Card.

3. Enter your Login Code or Password

Signing in for the first time?

Right after you purchase a Coppr Card or sign up for a Coppr Link account, you'll receive an email with your Login Code. Copy and paste it into the password field and hit Sign in.

Important: The Login Code we send you is randomly generated and unique to you, and therefore could essentially serve as your password. With that being said, it's a not a very good password. So it's probably a good idea to create a new one after signing in for the first time. If you are unable to sign in or need help resetting your password, the fastest way to reach us in the chat.

Next steps

Now that you've signed in to your Dashboard, in this next step we'll edit a few of the details of your Coppr Link.

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