Over the past decade, everything slowly turned digital, and moved online.

We created a beautiful place to share all of yours. That "place" you'll see us referring to a lot is called the Coppr Link. That is just a fancy name for your online profile that you're taken to, when you place your Coppr Card near a cell phone.

So that's Coppr.

The digital: An online profile we call the Coppr Link. Share as much or as little about yourself as you need, at any particular moment, to anyone anywhere. Share your Coppr Link (here's mine: coppr.li/arthur) just like you would share any other link to any other webpage.

The physical: A Coppr Card, too powerful to give away. There for when you need to connect instantly in person. Placing it near a cell phone opens your Coppr Link in seconds, without the need to open an app or type anything anywhere.

Getting Started

Ready to get started or just want to explore the Quick Start Guide?

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